Learn Power BI for FREE with an M365 Developer License

Are you interested in learning Power BI, but want to do it outside of your corporate environment? We've got great news for you! You can sign-up for the Microsoft 365 Developer Program entirely for free, with no credit card needed! Our friends over at BIFocal made a video on this topic, so if you prefer… Continue reading Learn Power BI for FREE with an M365 Developer License

Collect/Analyze/Automate with the Power Platform

Stephanie and I are data people. We excel at taking loads of unstructured data and making it intelligible (see what I did there?!). Do we want to be working with unstructured data? Is Excel a data collection tool? Or better yet, is Excel a database? In theory the answer to all of these questions is… Continue reading Collect/Analyze/Automate with the Power Platform